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How and Why Nihilism Can Prevent Suicide


The more miserable you become, the more you cling to silver linings wherever you can find them. As I have touched upon in brief before, misery can be a good thing in doses. I have described misery as the floor in a metaphorical tower, where climbing the tower steps is symbolic of working toward a goal, and the top of the tower represents achievement of the goal. I have called the floor the “most comfortable place in the world to be, because there is nowhere left to fall,” but that is not entirely true. In the most extreme circumstance of misery, the floor can fall out from under you in a scenario otherwise known as suicide.

In your darkest hour, it might become that no silver lining catches your eye. It might be that you feel completely empty, and you cannot find any value in your life at all. What you might not be suspecting is that this pitch-black void could be precisely the thing to save your life–if every other measure has failed. Read more

The ‘Power’ of Friendship, and Why You’re Actually a Little Desperate

Best Friends

According to children’s movies and a slew of Japanese video games, the “power of friendship” is the single greatest force in the universe. Explanation for why that’s the case is seldom given though. Today, I would like to offer up some thoughts on the value of friendship, especially why it makes you and me look a little desperate.
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