My Novel

In 2012, through the magic of the Internet, I self-published my first novel, Ram Van Bamf and the Doomsday Conspiracy. It is available in paperback and digitally on all Kindle-enabled devices. The novel is half-humor, half-adventure. If you like video games, Power Rangers, Sylvester Stallone, The Simpsons, soap operas, or Shakira, I would strongly recommend you check out this book. If you don’t like any of those things, I would still strongly recommend you check out this book.

Ram Van Bamf and the Doomsday Conspiracy

Amazon Product Description
Ram Van Bamf is a man who suplexes cars with his face. More powerful than a nuclear bomb and durable enough to survive in the vacuum of space, Ram is both the best and worst thing to ever happen to his home city of Ultratropolis. Although his testosterone-driven frenzies regularly cost the city millions of dollars in accidental damages, he is otherwise well-mannered and dedicated to upholding justice. In truth, his very presence in Ultratropolis acts as a deterrent against all criminal activity, but as Ram will soon discover, crime always exists in the margins.

Following a battle to the death with a Tyrannosaurus rex on a mountaintop, Ram unwittingly finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy that could spell devastation for the entire world if he cannot stop it. While Ram is not a thinking man, he quickly makes an ally out of the young and serious-minded business tycoon Fran, who does all of the thinking for the both of them. Together, Ram and Fran will explore the darkest corners of Ultratropolis to unravel the truth, but not without making some unwanted discoveries about themselves.

Melodrama abounds in this hypermasculine adventure of love, laughter, and skull punching. Title logo designed by Eisner Award winner Todd Klein.

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