Professional Writing

Believe it or not–sometimes people pay me to write stuff! Below is a list of the most relevant content I’ve written professionally. I intend to keep this page current, so if you’re disappointed with the lack of updates on this website, it’s probably because I’m getting paid to write for someone else! I’m writing exclusively for Nintendo Enthusiast right now, but if you’d like me to write something for you, drop me a line.

07/30/18:Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 review | The leftover misfits“: My review of the four lesser-regarded titles in the X series. X5 was actually even worse than I’d remembered, and X8 was much better than I’d remembered. In fact, I was almost startled at how entertaining X8 was, especially when placed side by side with its deeply flawed predecessors. 6.5/10

07/30/18:Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 review | The best of the best“: My review of the first four Mega Man X titles, plus the new X Challenge mode. Mega Man X games have my favorite action gameplay style of any games I’ve ever played, so this was a great walk down memory lane. I was disappointed with how they chose to frame the X Challenge mode though. 9/10

07/15/18: Octopath Traveler review for Nintendo Switch | A new hope for Square”: My review of Octopath Traveler, a game that is the closest Square Enix has gotten to creating a truly great classic RPG again. The story and writing are disappointingly boring though, a far cry from Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger. 8/10

06/25/18: “The Development of Final Fantasy IV: A lengthy feature on the development, localization, reception, and legacy of Final Fantasy IV. I consider FFIV to be the quintessential Japanese RPG, so it had surprised me that no one had ever written an article like this before.

06/23/18: Lost in Harmony review for Nintendo Switch”: A review of a mobile game ported to Switch. In a nutshell, you’re much better off downloading the game for free on a phone than you are playing this sloppy port. 6/10

09/26/16: “Making Your Boss Happy Is Not Your Job”: An explanation of why you need to keep your eye on a bigger prize at work, for the good of your company and yourself.

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