About Me

I could've worn a suit. I could've made it black and white. But I'd rather keep things accurate and just be the dude with the gold chain and the Balzac T-shirt.

I could’ve made this photo more dramatic. But I’d rather keep things accurate and just be the dude with the gold chain and the Balzac T-shirt. Sincerity is important.

I know a little about a lot, which qualifies me to write authoritatively about absolutely nothing, yet here we are!

I was born and raised in south central Pennsylvania, though I recently finished a year of living in Seoul, South Korea. My major passion for as long as I can remember has been storytelling, whether it was with my toys or just drawing wordless “picture books” before I learned how to read and write. As an adult, I use words to convey my ideas these days, but mostly because my art isn’t very good.

The two sorts of fiction I enjoy writing the most are adventure and comedy, usually simultaneously. I was brought up on Japanese role-playing games, Power Rangers, The Simpsons, and Sylvester Stallone, all of which have heavily informed my writing sensibilities in strange ways. My first novel was a pretty good realization of those sensibilities, but it is I hope only the beginning of a long career in writing heroic tales that play with familiar tropes in original ways. As you may have already seen though, I dabble in writing a lot of odd things around here: I often write video game analysis, and sometimes I pontificate about obtuse philosophical concepts that are only interesting to me and a few people who find those articles via what I can only assume are very depressing Google searches.

But I have fun writing about these things, and that’s why this website is here! This is my playground, where I can explore and self-aggrandize every thought that enters my head. Any time you read something here that you actually enjoy or share, I treat that as a huge personal compliment, and I thank you so much for your time and interest. So if you are critically interested in the insights of some guy on the Internet whom you’ve never heard of, then oh man have you come to the right place!

Quick FAQ

How do you pronounce “Friscia?”

Follow this three-step process to correctly pronouncing my name:

  1. Fish
  2. Frish
  3. Frish-uh

Alternatively, another good description I have heard is, “It’s Trisha with an F.”

What else do you enjoy besides writing stuff that nobody’s reading?

I devour video games and have a pretty good appetite for comic books, as the Collections page will show. Most notably, I myself am creating a video game called Boss Saga.

I also listen to a lot of music, mostly punk and random foreign pop. Balzac, Babymetal, Bad Religion, Face to Face, Shakira, Mad Capsule Markets, Hideki Kaji, Masked Intruder, Ricky Martin, Jikuu Kaizoku Seven Seas, KARA, GFriend, to name some highlights. (In recent years, K-pop has honestly taken over my life.) I can play three chords on the guitar, so I can really tear through Social Distortion’s “Story of My Life.” I have a decent singing voice too.

Is Balzac the greatest band ever?


Is this website a blog?

Nah, or at least I don’t think of it as such. You don’t care what I ate for lunch, and I don’t care about telling you what I ate for lunch. This website is all about producing enjoyable free content. If I want to reveal frivolous and damaging details of my personal life, that’s what Facebook is for.

Why aren’t you writing as much these days?

I’m writing (and editing) a ton, but I’m getting paid for it. I’m also working on my aforementioned video game, Boss Saga. Please check it out!

Is your ego as big as your banner suggests?

I started a website called JohnFriscia.com. So no, my ego is substantially more enormous than this website could ever indicate. But I try to be polite about it! And on that note, thank you for reading to the bottom of this self-indulgent FAQ!