Books about Comics

Directly or otherwise, these are all books I own that involve the history or creation of comics. The ones that I would especially recommend are in bold, and lucky for you, I bolded a lot of them! Some–particularly the Haines books–are too outdated to be very useful, but they’re still novel from a historical perspective.

Fun Side Note: I actually met Grant Morrison ever so briefly once and got my copy of Supergods signed. He was nice as could be, and he actually seemed to care when I told him he was a big influence on my writing. Gotta love moments like that.

Books Involving the History or Creation of Comics Author
Alan Moore’s Writing for Comics
Alan Moore
Becoming Batman: The Possibility of a Superhero
E. Paul Zehr
The Business of Comics
Lurene Haines
Comics and Sequential Art
Will Eisner
Comics Creators on Spider-Man
Tom DeFalco
The Dark Age: Grim, Great & Gimmicky Post-Modern Comics
Mark Voger
DC Comics Guide to Coloring and Lettering Comics
Mark Chiarello, Todd Klein
The DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics
Freddie E. Williams II
The DC Comics Guide to Inking Comics
Klaus Janson
The DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics
Dennis O’Neil
Drawing Cutting Edge Anatomy
Christopher Hart
Dynamic Anatomy
Burne Hogarth
Dynamic Figure Drawing
Burne Hogarth
The Essential Batman Encyclopedia
Robert Greenberger
Expressive Anatomy for Comics and Narrative
Will Eisner
Graphic Storytelling and Visual Narrative
Will Eisner
How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way
Stan Lee, John Buscema
The Insider’s Guide To Creating Comics And Graphic Novels
Andy Schmidt
Making Comics
Scott McCloud
Marvel Comics: The Untold Story
Sean Howe
Panel One: Comic Book Scripts by Top Writers
Nat Gertler
Perspective! for Comic Book Artists
David Chelsea
Reinventing Comics
Scott McCloud
Spider-Man Chronicle
Alan Cowsill, Matthew K. Manning
Stan Lee’s How to Draw Comics
Stan Lee
Stan Lee’s How to Write Comics
Stan Lee
Grant Morrison
The Romita Legacy
Tom Spurgeon, Brian Cunningham
Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art
Scott McCloud
Wisdom from the Batcave: How to Live a Super, Heroic Life Cary A. Friedman
Working Methods: Comic Creators Detail Their Storytelling And Artistic Processes John Lowe
The Writer’s Guide to the Business of Comics Lurene Haines
Writing for Animation, Comics, and Games Christy Marx
Writing for Comics and Graphic Novels with Peter David
Peter David

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